A premium video solution that increases views and revenue for Publishers and Creators.

Streamline video processes and drive monetization.

NewsLook powers an enhanced video feed that enables Publishers to integrate video into their existing CMS to connect disparate video components, and provides distribution capabilities to content Creators, with universal taxonomy and rights management.

NewsLook also gives Publishers access to premium video content, and provides content Creators with distribution opportunities.

Our goal is simple: to exponentially streamline video processes and drive additional monetization for Publishers and Creators.


Publish video exponentially faster with our enhanced video feed into your existing CMS.

Works with your existing CMS: NewsLook powers an enhanced feed that automatically inserts video into your exists content management and publishing systems, including photo archives, so that video is as accessible to publish as text and images.

A vastly more efficient workflow: On a per-video basis, publisher case studies have shown the average video publishing workflow was cut from 20 minutes to under one minute.

Content flexibility: Works with your videos, our videos or videos sourced from a third-party.

Ooyala and Brightcove Integration: Runs on top of your existing platforms and partners, so everything else will stay exactly the same.

Empower your editorial team: Your entire team of editors and reporters can publish video content themselves.


Grow your video views with our deep library of premium video content.

Premium video: NewsLook maintains a curated collection of high definition video from over 120 global media sources, including The Associated Press, Reuters and BuzzFeed. NewsLook has the largest and most prestigious video library not tied exclusively to an ad network.

Universal taxonomy: Videos are searchable across all sources by extracting key metadata for every video.

Rights management: Publishers gain access to a video rights management system to control use and distribution down to the individual level.

Brand-safety: All videos are licensed, brand-safe and pre-approved by our editorial team.

Monetization opportunities: NewsLook also offers access to our ad campaigns, to increase fill rates and monetization.


Leverage our technology to vastly increase capabilities and publisher discoverability.

Content discoverability: Successfully distribute videos to Publishers’ front doors to drive the greatest monetization for your output. With our enhanced video feed, Publishers have your videos integrated directly into their content management systems.

Attract new customers: The Publishers we work with are always on the lookout for fresh, premium video content. Our technology helps you gain exposure to potential new customers by removing the technology barriers so there are no obstacles to the use of your content by any publisher.

Deal flexibility: NewsLook helps creators do different kinds of deals, such as selling video a la carte , direct sales and total feeds to name a few.

A vastly more efficient workflow: Across content management, uploading, content tagging and curation, integration with publisher CMS’s and OVP’s and more.


Distribute your premium video to Publishers ­­— and viewing audiences.

Hundreds of Publishers: Creators gain access to video distribution opportunities across over 800 websites, mobile apps and social media feeds around the globe.

High-value verticals: Including News, Sports and Entertainment, plus others, across premium Publishers and portals that want to publish more video.

Large audiences: NewsLook Publishers span 100 million viewers around the world.

Universal taxonomy: We’ve created a first-ever universal taxonomy for video content that we use to tag videos, so Publishers can search across every source to find the exact videos they want to publish.

Rights management: Creators can control who gets to see — and publish — their videos.


NewsLook offers these capabilities.

Rights Management. Controlling access to video sources, video verticals, granting and more. For example, managing sports content delivery to a sports editor, etc. Controlled at every level of the organization.

Curation. The management of metadata (title, description, keywords, categories, tags, image, SEO terms) across sources, for both individual videos and groups of videos.

Custom Playlist Creation. Dynamic based on custom parameters that you set. For example, sports videos with the word “swimming” in it.

Universal search. A universal taxonomy that can be customized across all video content providers to drive ease in discoverability.

Content ingestion flexibility. FTP, dynamic feed, individual uploads.

Video wire. Delivers video into a publisher’s CMS, just as text and photos are delivered today.

Video image. We create a custom image to represent each video, allowing a publisher to use existing photo management software to access video collections.

Video sources. NewsLook helps you manage your videos, our videos, or videos sourced from a third-party.

Syndication Capabilities. You make great content, use our platform to deliver it to clients.

Cross Walking. Metadata standardization of content sources that yields optimized discovery and access.

Unlimited Seats. No limit to the number of individuals who can use NewsLook capabilities.

Training and Support. Personalized training and support.

About Us

Meet NewsLook.

NewsLook is a premium video leader, with 800+ Publishers worldwide and 120+ content sources. Our team has decades of native video and TV expertise under our belts, as well as operational experience with video platforms, products and content creation. Over the past five years, we have focused on building the best possible video solution for Publishers and creators. Founded by award-winning filmmaker Fred Silverman, NewsLook’s Board includes the former Chairman & CEO of Sony, Sir Howard Stringer.


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